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Here are some answers to your most frequently asked questions regarding our eyewear:

Q: Do Your Sunglasses Protect My Eyes?
A: All our sunglasses absorb 100% of harmful UVA & UVB rays. They comply with the latest European Directive 89/686/EEC in accordance with Standard EN 1836:2005 meeting ANSI Z80.3 UV General Purpose Protection Standards and have been proven and recommended in accordance with the latest guidelines. They reduce infrared rays and filter colour whilst maintaining high levels of visible contrast. They are impact resistant, lightweight, comfortable, durable and reduce glare.

Q: What do the different UV Filter Categories Mean?
A: There are 5 filter classifications for sunglasses set out in EN1836:2005. The number is an indicator as to how much light passes through the lens, all categories block 100% harmful UV rays.

Category 0 will allow 80 - 100% light transmission - used mainly for eye protection or fashion and does not significantly reduce the glare from bright sunlight.
Category 1 will allow 43 - 80% light transmission - used mainly for eye protection or fashion and does not significantly reduce the glare from bright sunlight.
Category 2 will allow 18 - 43% light transmission - used for average sunny weather and driving.
Category 3 will allow 8 - 18% light transmission, used for bright sunlight, driving and general purpose wear.
Category 4 will allow 3 - 8% light transmission - only for very bright conditions and should not be worn whilst driving or operating machinery.

Q: Do Your Products Come with a Guarantee?
A: Yes, they come with a 12 month warranty against manufacturing and material defects. Scratched lenses, normal wear and tear, accidental damage and damage caused by misuse are not covered under our warranty. All warranty claims must be made in writing to our head office (see Contact Us) and sent, at your own cost, together with the item in question and proof of purchase for our assessment. Upon receipt and acceptance of a warranty claim, the item will be either repaired or exchanged for the same product or for one of an equivalent value should the original product not be available. We cannot offer refunds against any warranty claim. You must pay the postage and packing charges for the return of the repaired/replacement item, this is currently £3.99 per item in the UK (£7.99 outside the UK - approximately US$11.99, 9.49 EUR) and this should be sent with your claim.

Q: Can I Put My Own Prescription Lenses in Your Optical Frames?
A: Yes, our optical eyeglasses frames have been tested and approved by prescription lens specialists for their suitability for prescription lenses. Prior to purchase, you should check with your own optician regarding their ability and will to produce lenses to your prescription for our eyewear. You cannot put prescription lenses in our sunglasses frames.

Q: Where Can I Buy Your Products ?
A: You can only buy johnlennonsunglasses.com eyewear online. Either via this website or from our parent store at i*sunglasses.com where you will also be able to purchase many other sunglasses and eyewear products.

We are based in the UK and ship to most countries.

Disclaimer: The products described on this web site are not official John Lennon TM merchandise nor do we represent them to be.